Die immergleichen Gesichter, gern auch in der typisch US-amerikanischen Gender- und Hautfarbenmischung: Auf den Marketingseiten von Unternehmen gibt es gern mal Dinge, die mir nicht gefallen.

Das haben auch Musiker festgestellt, wie ich bei Spotify gesehen habe:

Lyrics “Stock Photo Man”

Stock Photo Man
I’ve Seen You Everywhere
Icy Eyes, and Gleaming Hair
Brash and Self-Confident
You Could Sell Anything
With the Instant Credibility
You … an Image Brings
And How Old Are You Now?
If You’re Still Alive
Do Your Teeth Still Shine?
And How Old Are You Now?
Are You Doing Fine?
Or Are You Dreaming of the Time You were
Stock Photo Man (3x)
Stock Photo Man (3x)

Do You Ever Loved (sic!) and lonely every night
How Do You Like Your Life
Stacks of Brochures and Catalogues
Yellowed on the Shelf
Dog-eared Pages Indicate
The Pictures of Yourself
Have You Grown to Hate that Perfect Version of your Face?
The Evil Twin who’s … Grinning Back At You
Mocking You
Stock Photo Man (3x)
Stock Photo Man (3x)


And in Those Shots
You’re Looking So Fantastic
The Rest Can’t Help but seem Anti-Climactic
When All Your Life was Leading Up To This
What’s The Point of Continuing to Exist
And When The End Finally Comes
It Should Come As No Surprise
You’ll See Each Stock Photo Flash Before Your Eyes
But Didn’t You Have a Good Time,
Ah, Didn’t You Have a Good Time (2x).

Missverständnisse beim Text werden gern korrigiert!

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